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History of Buteyko

The Buteyko technique was developed by a Russian doctor named Professor Konstantin Buteyko. In the early 1950s, he studied the breathing patterns of his patients who were admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties. He quickly realised that those who could stay calm and relax recovered much quicker than those who could not. This observation led him to develop exercises that reduce the rate and depth of breathing with astonishing results. He continued to develop the technique and it is used widely throughout Russia and the East and is also used now throughout New Zealand and Australia.

With the increase in asthma in Great Britain, many are searching for an answer to ease and reduce the frequency of their symptoms and as a result many are now using Buteyko.

It is intended that Buteyko is used alongside conventional medicine. The two fully complement each other, and with regular Buteyko practise an increase in the control of asthma symptoms will be noticed, as the problems of airway swelling and bronchospasm ease.